Sunday, 20 May 2018

May Review: The Ghost and the Dead Deb - Alice Kimberley

Good Afternoon Bookworms

This is the next installment in the haunted bookshop mystery series. Having read the first one back in September last year this second installment had been on my list for a few months and I finally managed to get it ordered in at the library.  Number 3 is already in my library books TBR pile!

I was really pleased to meet back up with these characters and get drawn into their world.  Penelope Thornton-McClure is co-owner of Buy the Book which is haunted by Jack the ghost of a 1940's Private Detective.  In the first book Jack is unable to leave the book store but the author has come up with a clever twist in this story to bring Jack in to the outside world. 

Penelope and Jack are hunting down clues to two murders; a young high-society girl and the author of a tell-all book covering that unsolved murder.  This a light and easy read and the Quibblers community is delightful and funny. I read this very quickly as I really enjoyed spending time with Penelope, Jack and all the characters.

Bookworm Blessings.  x

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Poppy Done to Death - Charlaine Harris

Good Afternoon Booklovers

Poppy Done to Death is the 8th book in the Aurora Teagarden Series, I have read then all up to this point and this is the first one where I have guessed quite a few pages before the end who murdered Poppy.  This is another fun, lighthearted and cosy read.  

Blurb courtesy of Goodreads website.
Aurora Teagarden, mild-mannered librarian, has spent her entire life in the same small Georgia town. Along with her sister-in-law Poppy, Roe has finally earned a coveted spot in the Uppity Women, an exclusive group that does more than flower arranging. But Poppy is a no-show on their induction day. Roe stops by Poppy’s house to find out why and is shocked to discover Poppy dead on the kitchen floor, and it’s not by accident. There’s no lack of suspects, since both Poppy and her husband were unfaithful. Even the detective in charge of the case, Roe’s former lover Arthur Smith, has a past with Poppy.

I think there are two further novels in this series, I'm not sure how much further the series can go, it's now more about Aurora's life and the characters and the murder seems to be a side plot.  However, this one held my interest enough for me to want to read the next one but I think this series is probably reaching it's end or it's certainly coming to the end of being added to my TBR list. 

Bookworm Blessings.  x