Sunday, 3 December 2017

A Christmas Visitor - Anne Perry

Good Evening Bookworms

I'm back today with my second audio book suggestion for the festive period, although if you have the time I would suggest reading the book.  I read the book a couple of years ago but only recently hired it from the library as an audio book.  Previously I had read A Christmas Journey which is why I decided to read the second Christmas novella by this author.

Photo courtesy of Anne Perry website.

Henry Rathbone has been invited by his god daughter,  to spend Christmas at the Dreghorn family manor house near Ullswater.  Unfortunately the festivities will be a somber affair as her husband and Henry's friend, Judah Dreghorn, has died, presumed accidentally drowned. Not only this, but Judah’s good name is being slandered by someone claiming to be the rightful owner of the manor and estate. 

Set in the Lake District during the Victorian era, a time Anne Perry is renowned for writing about, this gritty mystery is just the story for those dark Winter nights.  However I wouldn't class it as a Christmas story, it's Christmas time because we are told it is but the mystery element and family reunion are but far the strongest threads in this story. Mostly I listen to audio books on my laptap whilst pottering about but I think this one would benefit from being listened to through headphones. It isn't spooky but if you don't focus you can miss some of the details.

I've recently discovered that Anne Perry herself was convicted of a murder in 1954 which has me looking at her novels in a new light! 
The Christmas Visitor - Anne Perry - Published 2004 -Available in Hardback, Paperback, eBook and Audio.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Christmas Audio Book Suggestions #1

Good Evening Bookworms

Today's post is a little something to get you in the mood for the festive holidays.  During this busy period it can be difficult to find time to sit and read so audio books are a perfect solution, see my previous blog post on this here.

My first choice is Maeve Binchy, This Year It Will Be Different and other stories.  This is an easy and entertaining listen with some nice twists.  Just the right length whilst you are wrapping some last minute gifts. This Year It Will Be Different is my favourite on this disc, and I think it's all one we can related to in some way, after all who hasn't sworn that this year their won't spend so much, or will write their cards earlier or buy less food or drink. The stories are read by Kate Binchy, who I find very pleasing to listen too.

Photo courtesy of Goodreads.
This Year It Will Be Different
Poor Ethel finds herself "making" Christmas every year whilst the rest of her family watch it happen around then, this year she vows it will be different.  She doesn't complain to her family, she simply doesn't do all the things they are expecting and it appears her family are finally getting the message.  Over the next few days they ask her not to come in to the kitchen and not to come home too early from work.  Ethel's excitement brews and one day after going for a pre-Christmas drink with her friend she comes home to find the family waiting in the kitchen with a surprise, but it might not be quite what Ethel had in mind! 

The other stories are very pleasant too and if you are a Maeve Binchy fan this is definitely one I would recommend.  It's available in Paperback and eBook too.

Bookworm Blessings.  x