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March Book Review: Quick Reads, Dead Simple

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Today I'm sharing another book review, Dead Simple is one of this year's new Quick Reads releases. I don't want to bore anyone with details of the reason behind Quick Reads but if you are interested you can find info in a previous post here.

This particular Quick Reads is a collection of 8 short crime stories.

The first story Hardscrabble is by Mark Billingham, one of my favourite authors.  This story has a great twist in the tale and I didn't see it coming until quite close to the end.  Definitely my favourite in the collection.

Clare Mackintosh writes The Funeral but it's quite clear that our grieving widow is not all she seems and this one has a great twist in the end.  Another of my favourites from this selection.

Next is Dead Men Tell No Tales by James Oswald.  I felt slightly cheated by this tale as it leaves a lot of unanswered questions, also it felt like more like a ghost story.

Tale 4, Tricks by Jane Casey, is a cleverly written story and has more than one twist which is quite a feat in a short story, it pits the wits of two generations with bad intentions.

Tell No Lies by Angela Marsons was a let down for me and was my least favourite, I saw the twist after just a few lines.

The Perfect Murder by Harry Bingham is a twisted tale of revenge and a "Bucket List", and raises that common question Can anyone commit the "Perfect Murder"?

In, The Night Before the Hanging by Antonia Hodgson a murderer is just coming to terms with his last day on earth and making peace with his god when a stranger tells him he is innocent, the man is relieved, but it doesn't end there!

C L Taylor writes A Bird In A Cage, a story of how one woman's release from prison gives her an unexpected opportunity for revenge.

This is another Quick Reads book I thoroughly enjoyed and as it is a collection of short
stories it's easy to set yourself a goal of say one story a day. This was book 4 of my goal of 15 books for this year.

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  1. These sound like a good read . I like the sound of these short stories love crime stories look forward to reading this x


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