Sunday, 28 May 2017

How do you mark yours?

Good Evening readers and visitors!

Yesterday was my sister's Wedding so there is a good chance I might be curled up on the sofa in our holiday cottage reading my latest book resting are the day's events, but tonight I want to move away from the books, bookcases and eReaders to chat about the humble bookmark.  First off let's dispense with this nonsense of turning over the corner of the page, this really isn't acceptable, it's definitely a no-no if your are borrowing someone's book or hiring it from the library.  If it's your book then I guess that's fair enough, personal it makes me want to slap you round the face with your book, just kidding, I don't condone violence of books!😉 This post isn't really about that, it's about the whole world of creative marking your missing out on.

Freebie Bookmarks
If you love reading but have never bought a bookmark on holiday ... well that's like going to the seaside and never having fish and chips, allergys permitting, and for my foreign visitors it's a British thing!  When I was kid a visit to a boring stately home (when you're 9 anything like this is boring) it was some how compensated by the fact that you would be allowed to pick a small item from the gift shop.  I would head straight for the bookmarks, pens, pencils and erasers were a close second, it's a stationery thing but I won't get into that here.  Once we returned home or back to our holiday cottage I would immediately swap my current bookmark for the new one.

Gifted Bookmarks and bookmarks from visits.
At the end of a school trip to the Zoo, most people would head to the cuddle toys, or the overpriced build your own Zoo kit, not me.   I would, in an effort to appear normal, meander around picking up various items all the while my eyes were searching for my next bookmark.

When is a bookmark not a bookmark, when it's a hairclip, a finger puppet or a paperclip!  I use all these as bookmarks.
In fact one of my saddest moments from childhood is being on a school trip, in France I think, and losing a little bag of things I had bought, a gift for my sister, a couple of postcards and a bookmark! Oh, how my stomach flipped and the tears pricked my eyes.  I spent the rest of the afternoon asking everyone on the trip if they has seen my little paper bag from the gift shop but to no avail.  I hope who ever found it gave a bookmark pride of place in their next book.

Handcrafted Bookmaks from friends
Too bulky for a book but perfect for my eReader! 
I have quite a collection of bookmarks and below is a photo of two of my most favourite.  They were both bought for me by my grandfather.  I recently laminated the one with my name on as the ink is starting to fade and run.  The other is covered in Birds of Prey.  My grandfather was a keen birdwatcher and introduced me to this wonderful hobby.

My two most favourite bookmarks.
Now I'm older I still love to come across a bookmark, with the invention of eReaders I fear they are a dieing breed.  They still sometimes have freebies in the library, or I come across an abandoned one in a charity shop and of course I still scour holiday gift shops for them.  Age has not dulled the pleasure of spotting a shiny new Marker of Pages!

So, how do you mark yours?  Do have a favourite bookmark or do you slip in an old receipt or bus ticket to keep your page?

Bookworm Blessings.  x

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  1. Hi Tracy I to enjoy collecting bookmarks and have quite a few x Some go back to ones my daughters made me when they younger x Some are cross stitched including one which a Swedish pen pal did and sent as a gift, More recently m eldest daughter made me some stainless steel ones which embellished beautifully . I still buy the odd one now and again x


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