Sunday, 14 May 2017

Physical book versus eBook

Evening bookworms!

Over one third of the UK population has an eReader, are you one of those people?  I am but for a long time I couldn't be swayed by the hype surrounding these new "books".  So what changed my mind...

I had been contacted on Twitter a few times about writing book reviews, a free book in exchange for a review - simple!  Except, they were all eBooks, but I wasn't going to pay out for an eReader to write a few reviews.  If you know me well, you will know I like to try and be thrifty; in the case of books they get passed around within the family, audio books are shared and then passed on to the hospital and I borrow a truck load of books from the library.  All good reasons for not needing an eReader. However it was my thriftness that led me to get an eReader.  I was browsing Streetlife (now Nextdoor) for freebies or low cost items, in particular we were hunting for a sofa, when I spotted an eReader in return for a charitable donation.  I still took two days to decide whether I really "needed" it but finally came to the decision that if I didn't like it then at least my pennies had gone to a worthy cause.

I must says I was pleased with the exchange, I now had a Kobo mini complete with case.  I charged it up and downloaded my first book "Lust, Money & Murder: Book 1 by Mike Wells" which was free.  I loved the book and you can read the review here.  My eReader, it was lightweight and comfortable to hold.  It didn't have a backlight but I wasn't too worried as neither does a paperback lol! Another plus point was it looked nice on the bookshelf in it's little brown leather case.  I have downloaded an extensive library, 99% of which were free.  It's a great product for a commute to work, going on holiday or a long journey.

I got my Kobo back in October 2015 and to date I have only read 3 books, all by Mike Wells coincidentally.  I am currently reading my fourth "The girl who tweeted wolf" by Nick Bryan.  It definitely takes me longer to read an eBook, I put this down to so much time spent in front of a screen in other areas of my life that reading this way loses it's appeal. I started this book in Oct 2015 and I am now only halfway through, and that really isn't because it's not a good book or I'm not enjoying it but reading on a machine just lacks appeal for me.  

When I use my Kobo I feel myself yearning for a "real" book to hold, I want to feel and hear the pages, have the pleasure of marking my page with a bookmark (my collection that really doesn't fit with eBooks) and dare I say smell the book?!  Oh come on, we've all done it, whether they have that fresh new smell or that old musty scent about them, it's all part of the delight of a real book.  The other thing I miss is choosing which book to read next, the anticipation of picking what to read using my Kobo eLibrary lacks the excitment of picking from my own collection or the local library.   I love looking through all those different spines on the shelve of my four bookcase and pulling out different books, decided what sort of mood I'm in and what I feel like reading crime, romance, historical, etc and whether I want a quick read or a lengthy tome.

Whilst may be the practical benefits of an eReader will always outweigh the those of a physical book, there are other senses which can only be stimulated by holding that one book.

Bookworm Blessings.  x

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  1. That was an interesting read Tracy so well written x I to enjoy the experience of holding a book and excitedly turning the page to read to the end of the chapter and putting in one of my many bookmarks x


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