Sunday, 16 July 2017

A Libraries Love Affair!

Everyone in my family knows I LOVE libraries.  It's become a bit of a standing joke, when I meet my parents for lunch in town they always expect me to have a large bag of books to return, and when my hubby goes to football on Sunday he isn't suprised if there's a book to drop off on the way. 

Bury St Edmunds Library, Photo from Our Bury
As a child in the summer holidays I would take the six week reading challenge.  The idea was to read six books during the six week break but I loved reading so much I would often complete it several times, and mum and I would visit the library in Ipswich at least once a week, or so it seemed.  I would even start reading the books on the bus on the way home. These days I never go on a bus without a book in my bag. 

All through school I read above my age group and often borrowed teen books before I was a teen myself.  Sometimes my mum had to borrow books for me on her card because at that time it was only 6 books in one borrowing session and I often wanted more or the books were not from the children's section of the library.  
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Entrance to Ipswich Library, Photo from EADT.

During the summer of 2012 I volunteered at the Bury St Edmunds Library to listen to the children discuss their books for the Summer Reading Challenge, it was super to see that reading is still a popular pastime with youngsters.  Although I was a little disappointed that they were only allowed to complete it once, something they were very strict about!
The Mobile Library for our village and surrounding villages, Photo by Tracy Welham
Between August 2010 and April 2017 I borrowed almost 600 books so that averages about 86 books a year!  I do need to admit that some of these have been audio books but I think that is still a lot of book borrowing! Plus I have 5 bookcase at home filled and overflowing, and that is after a recent purge!

I have never lost my love of libraries and I still get a thrill when I enter through the library doors or realise it's mobile library day in our village.  It's not just books you can borrow now, films, music, access a computer and the internet...  I feel that libraries are an important part of our society, being able to borrow a book of knowledge or esacapism, on trust alone, is an advantage we should not take for granted. 

Happy Reading and Borrowing!

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  1. Such a well written account of your love affair with the Libraies, It was an enjoable read thank you for sharing x


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