Sunday, 30 July 2017

July Book Review: A Fool and His Honey - Charlaine Harris

Roe is back for sixth novel in the Aurora Teagarden series.  Life is going well for her, she's married to a wonderful man, is back working as Librarian and her dead body discovery rating is at an all time low.  Of course it doesn't last and things go from bad to worse and beyond; starting with the handyman going crazy, a kidnapping and ending with an unexpected death.

I didn't enjoy this sixth Aurora mystery as much as the previous 5.  I had to suspend belief over why the baby wouldn't be taken in to care by the state.  It did become obvious in the end as the plot wouldn't have worked otherwise, but it still made it an implausible story for me. 

The story starts off with the usual random event I have come to expect from Charlaine Harris but this had very little to do with the main plot and was only featured again right at the end, almost as if the whole event had been added in after completing the story.

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Aurora's character has changed very little, which is a good thing but the devastating news at the end of the book shall probably mean she changes considerably in the seventh book. She can whine a little and be selfish but she isn't mean or weak, to me she is "normal" not overly fiesty but not a simpering damsel in distress either. 

It lacked the usual cosy mystery element for me and seems to have lost it's footing in this genre with this particular story.  However it has not put me off reading the next one as I have grown so fond of Aurora I need to know what happens to her character.

Bookworm Blessings. 

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  1. How dissapointing that after reading the others this one wasn't what you expected
    but well done for finishing it


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