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August Review: Last Scene Alive - Charlaine Harris

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This is the seventh novel in the Aurora Teagarden Series.  Spoilers Alert!

"It's been more than a year since her husband's death, and Aurora (Roe) Teagarden is still in mourning. All she wants is to be left alone - but that becomes impossible when a movie company arrives in Lawrenceton. They've come to make a film of a book written by her one-time friend Robin Crusoe. A book that detailed their shared investigation of a series of murders that occurred years before.
The locals are delighted, but Roe is not. And Robin is just beginning to win her over when the lead actress - who is playing Roe - is killed. Once again, the two of them join forces to thwart a killer - not knowing that Roe is the next target..."

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The cosy part of this murder mystery really comes through as Aurora struggles with her grief whilst trying to bring normality to her life.  I was pleased that Ms Harris brought back characters from a previous novels, it added to the sense of time and place; Robin is an old flame of Roe's and Roe's friend, Angel, lands a job as a stuntwoman on the film. The slow pace of this novel fitted with the slight sense of grief that is still present.  

Three stories run through this book, Aurora slowly emerging from the grief of her husband's death, the main murder and the strange character of Mrs Bledsoe, the library's secretary. There is a lot more intrigue in this book and it was along the same compelling thread as book one.  All the ends are neatly tied-up although I did query whether Aurora would help to cover a crime scene!?!? 

I think it would be possible to read this novel as a stand alone book as Ms Harris gives enough pointers for the reader to feel as if they haven't missed anything important from the rest of the series.  The mystery element certainly returns in this installment, and by the end, Aurora's life is starting to turn around again.

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Last Scene Alive (An Aurora Teagarden Mystery)
Charlaine Harris
First published 2002

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  1. The account of this book sounds like was a good read ive not read any of Charlaine Harris books
    so it made an interesting reading thank you for sharing


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