Sunday, 24 September 2017

August Review: One False Move - Dreda Say Mitchell

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Today I'm reviewing another book I read in August, it's also another Quick Reads choice. This gritty and intense novella is the story of a young women just released from prison who is determined to turn her life around.  It isn't easy landing a good job when you have a criminal record but Hayley thinks she found a happy middle ground, until one night she's mugged and things beginning to spiral beyond her control.  

Blurb from Goodreads website.
"Hayley swore when she got out of prison that she would turn her life around.  But living on the Devil's Estate doesn't make that easy.  She spends her days looking after her daughter, and her nights collecting cash from people who can't get loans any other way.  If she makes one false move, her life will be over..."

The story follows Hayley's desperate attempts to keep her promise to be a law abiding citizen and do the best she possible can for her daughter. Unfortunately, it seems fate has other ideas and leads her down some dark and dangerous paths, ones she visited before, and that lead her to her criminal ex-boyfriend.  Each of Hayley's moves seem destined to land her trouble and knocking on a door she was hoping to never see again.   

Bookworm Blessings! 

If you read my last post you may remember I was taking part in Hide A Book Day, here are some photos of me hiding my book and I'm pleased to say my book has been collected, I hope that person enjoys it as much as me.
My Newfoundland dog, Fergus supervises me hiding my book.

All Hidden.

The Owl bench, Aspal Lane Nature Reserve where my book was hidden.

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  1. I have read this book and i really enjoyed it for a quick read it was about the right sort of read x YAY your book was found so please for you x


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