Saturday, 16 June 2018

Audio Book Month - Fens Series

Good Afternoon Readers

This month is audio book month so I thought I would share with you some of the audio books I have been listening to this month.  You may remember I recently listened to Stalker on the Fens book #5 and this month I managed to listen to Crime on the Fens and Shadow over the Fens, the first and second in this series. Once again I used Libby the free reading app, you can take a look at it here

I am really enjoying getting to know DI Galena and DS Easter.  I do feel a little sorry for DS Easter as he seems to have a habit of getting injuried but as ex-special forces he can certainly handle himself.  DI Galena is no pushover herself but we do see a softer side to her and it's clear she has feelings for DS Easter.  

I enjoyed the second book more than the first, especially how it concluded.  There are two threads running through the second book.  DS Easter's brutal past comes back to haunt him and DI Galena's neighbour meets a tragic end.  

Once again I was captured by the almost inhospitable beauty of the fens.  As I mentioned before I live not far from the Norfolk fens (the book is set in the Lincolnshire fens) and although it can be stunning I'm really a hills and mountains kind of girl at heart.  The weather on the fens plays a big part in it's own atmosphere and can change from beautiful wide blue skies to a dark, dismal and empty space in a second.  It can be as lovely as it is harsh.

More audio book reviews next week...

Bookworm Blessings.  x

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  1. Another interesting account of what sounds like a good read/listen and really interesting
    how it brings the DS Easters past i'm always interested in what sort of background people come from.
    As always you have written a clear view of the story with out giving away the plot .


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